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A Better Sprayer Nozzle

Air Bubble jet nozzles
A comparison of air bubble jet sprayer nozzles to convential flat fan nozzles
Reduce drift &
Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets

Only 2% or LESS of the droplets produced are driftable.

A Proven Concept
Conventional Nozzles

25% or more of the droplets produced are driftable.

Are you tired of losing product and money due to drift?
Air Bubble/Easy Jets reduce product drift by over 20%.
 That means more product on your crop and more money in your pocket.

We are North America’s exclusive distributor for Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets – a proven effective spray tip that has been in use worldwide since 1997 on top of the extensive 5 years of development and testing with different crops & chemicals to ensure they did as promised when reaching the marketplace.


Made in England, these sprayer nozzles provide superior coverage, by reducing the number of small (driftable) droplets, and creating air bubbles in larger droplets, ensuring more even dispersion of expensive chemical products.


To find out more about Air Bubble Jets, take a journey through the site. Once you are convinced visit our online shop to order.

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