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Frequently Asked



Q: Will I sacrifice weed control (even grassy weeds) using the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets trying to control drift?


A: No. Because of the uniform droplet sizing (200-550 micron) you have more product going towards the target in droplet sizes capable of staying on the plant.


Q: Will the Air Bubble Jet/Easy Jet work with all chemicals and crops?


A: Yes! Having spent 5 years in testing before introduced to the market, it was tested on chemicals and crops with great success, the farmer and his/her crops, chemical & money were not used to see if it worked properly.


Q: Do the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets require high pressures to operate (for satisfactory coverage) even though they are considered a low pressure nozzle?


A: No. They are designed to operate at peak efficiency between 40-60 psi (total range of 20-90 psi).

Q: What changes do I need to make to my sprayer to accommodate the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets?


A: If you currently use Tee Jet nozzle bodies & caps, then the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets will conveniently fit into your existing hardware (Tee Jet Quick cap# QJ25611)?


Q: If I currently use Combo Jet nozzles can I convert to Air Bubble Jet/Easy Jets?


A: Use Combo Jet Cap # 40269


Q: Do the air holes plug and if they do what happens?


A: Tests have proven that because of the small volume of air required should they plug (which is extremely rare) the only change will be that there are not pockets of air in the droplet (i.e. extremely little reduction of coverage ,flow rate stays the same, droplet size within 5% and fan angle the same).

Q: Are wind screens, curtains or cones compatible?


A: Yes. As these products are designed to contain drift-able particles the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets prevent them resulting in much less chemical dripping off of the screen.


Q: Are they effective on pull type as well as high clearance sprayers?


A: Yes. You will enjoy the benefits of the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets on either type of sprayer! (TRY THIS: When installing the Air Bubble Jets/Easy Jets, outfit half of the boom then spray water to compare against your present nozzles).


Q: Being made of all plastic construction, how long do they last in comparison to stainless steel?


A: The type of plastic (chemital) has proven to wear similarly as stainless steel. In western Canada over the past seven years most custom applicators indicate that they are getting on average 40-50,000 acres on a set compared to other plastic nozzles (10-15000 acres) including standard low drift as well as air induction types.

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